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uTorrent Downloading 0.0% (NOT savvy with uTorrent)


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Hey, so as mentioned, I am one of the most stupid people when it comes to uTorrent not working. I have read a lot on my issue but nothing seems to work (I'm probably looking at the wrong information)

Anyway, here's a screenshot of what's happening first of all:


I looked around on the application and found that the trackers aren't connecting, so I included that in the screenshot.

I've downloaded torrents in the past, I think the last torrent I downloaded was back in August though, so maybe I'm missing some new steps? I've tried other torrent applications, but none seem to work and are too confusing for me. I'd like to stay with uTorrent.

Also, some information you might need:

Operating System : Win 7 64bit (Purchased)

uTorrent Version : I don't know... the newest one. I updated yesterday when it told me too, keep in mind I haven't opened this program since August.

ISP : Comcast (Router+Modem Combo)

Any other software or connection settings you’re running that may interfere with µTorrent : I have an antivirus, but I have tried shutting it off. It's AVAST!. I have a firewall, but I have triple-checked and all of uTorrent's stuff is bypassed.

In August, I had the exact same setup, same internet, same firewall, same AntiVirus. Not sure what's causing this problem..

Also, if I try to use a magnet link, I get stuck at "Downloading Metadata"

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ISP : Comcast (Router+Modem Combo)

This device includes a firewall that is known to be set to "block p2p" by default.

Anyway to disable this? I've been trying to figure it out on my own, but once again, not very tech savvy.

EDIT: Figured it out, thanks for the help :). I just disabled Comcast's firewall, it's useless anyways.

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I have the same problem! The peers just won't connect.

I am however completely dumb when it comes to fixing issues in utorrent and firewalls.. so I will need help to exactly where to go step by step :\ I know what DNS stands for but I have NO clue what so ever to know what to do with it.. I'm a total n00b with this... sad

I use a valid windows 8 *hating it* and I have Comodo firewall - free version and I use the latest utorrent (3.3.2) since I even tried to uninstall and reinstall it but without luck..

Not sure if you need to know anything else? :3

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