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Display has changed dramatically


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Display has changed

Windows 7,Ultimate, fully maintained, 64 bit

UTorrent 3.3.2, build 30180, 32 bit

Problem, normal display has headings along top with no, torrent name, status, size, etc in collums. 1 line in display window er torrent

Had to kill it 1 hr ago as it went disc 100%

now each torrent occupies 5 (FIVE) lines of display, no column headings, no columns.

1st theres a folder ICON at left side, then beside it the following 5 lines.

Line 1 - Title, e.g. Starhunter

Line 2, blank

Line 3, status, E.G. Downloading 50.9% 10.0 GB of 19.5GB 4.4 MB/s - 36m 15s remaining

Line 4 A very long (as big as window allows) fuel gave, part blue part white)

Line 5, Blank line

Theres also a folder icon and STREAM on right side

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Click the toolbar button with 3 green horizontal bars on it

Id tried help, spent an hr on it, but was thinking on lines of it being something in preferences. Anyway, for 30 yrs I was a highly skilled IT HW/SW engineer ( used 1st comp in 1969.). We never RTFM. ;-)

Thnx, it worked. Been runnung utorrent pretty well since it came out, 1st time ive seen this.

FYI, it was 4 horizontal lines, its 3 in the desired mode.

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