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Use Mergetorrent to Merge, Rebuild, Combine using .torrent/s meta file


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Re: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=143124

Mergetorrent does work just has unicode problems maybe someone can go to http://code.google.com/p/mergetorrent/ get the code and make a fork to make it better so supports unicode fully accept any characters.

Update to last post I have made some test torrents. Mergetorrent does accept all user type files no matter what extension, name and size the source file have. Only the exact data will be merged from them using SHA1 to ensure correct data. Back in utorrent (maybe other clients with resume.dat) will force-reck to 100% every time. I have since downloaded a torrent and renamed all the files and scattered them around different drives and folders none together. All will be renamed and rebuilt back to original torrent and passes a full hex compare and utorrent force re-check it is now seeding without problem.

Someone please update this call it TorrentRebuild or other since Sourceforge has a entry for Mergetorrent though no code lives there. Tell us about it here and its location or not I'm sure we will all find it. Also help you with finding any bugs and suggest features to improve it if at a place we can give this feedback to you at.


@ciaobaby Please don't post in this thread until you try Mergetorrent first and know yourself it does work. So far what you have said about this is completely untrue try Mergetorrent and you will see error in what you have said so far. Don't think it see it for real then you will believe what you thought was impossible is possible that you were wrong. To say otherwise when everyone can see this is so would be telling everyone not to believe what you tell them. This is not insulting you but maybe it will change you for the better, at least I know it would if for this alone.

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