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OSX installer includes software besides utorrent - what is installed?


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I was upset to see that the utorrent for OSX installer did things to my Mac besides install uTorrent. It's irresponsible for the developers to not make this clear. As far as I can tell, it installed a Safari and Chrome extension called something like "Search Me". I deleted the extension, so I can't quite remember its name. It also set my homepage to Yahoo without my permission, and relaunched my browser which caused me to lose work.

Shame on uTorrent for doing this. If an installer does things to a user's system besides install the desired software, it should clearly state so. I'll now be uninstalling uTorrent. Hopefully Transmission doesn't act like this.

Does anyone know what else the installer could have installed?

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@ciaobaby. You're right. I reinstalled, and now I see that the installer did say it was going to install SearchMe and reset my homepage. I assumed it was just a license agreement for uTorrent. In any event, it could have been more clear.

How much clearer does it have to be? The key thing here is that you assumed the dialog box was referring to the license agreement and you clicked through. Had you bothered to read the first few lines you would have realized that it was asking about the secondary installation of browser extensions.

If they added a second dialog box users would start to complain about the installation process taking too many steps.

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