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Memory Mapped file handles leaking?


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When doing heavy seeding, Window's active Memory Mapped usage keeps increasing, all of the offsets are to the Torrent files. It takes about an hour of 2MB/s+ of seeding.

Eventually Windows starts paging out other programs and makes my system very unresponsive. The very instant uTorrent closes, all of those "active" Memory Mapped offsets turn into "StandBy", and my system returns to normal performance.

I do agree that this seems to be an issue with how Windows uses Memory Mapped files, but it is strange that uTorrent seems to keep these handles opened which keeps these mapped ranges in an active state.

Win7 64, uTorrent 3.3.2 (30303)

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For deity's sake Give It UP!!!!!!!

Windows has had problems with memory caching since 1992 it's not a surprise and it DOEN'T ANOTHER ****ING thread discussing it!!!!

It's a Microsoft problem F.F.S GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for bringing this up again. You closed my last post without explanation, what am I supposed to do, read your mind?

There was no sticky on such a common issue, all I could find were unanswered questions or people saying they stopped using uTorrent. Yet you claimed "Look at one of the many discussions".

Sorry for the dup. I'm not adding any more replies to this topic until I get something meaningful from MS that could be useful here.

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