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pieces failing hashchecks


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I haven't seen this before. Less than 1% of pieces are failing the hashcheck but still it indicates something isn't right. What?

utorrent is also stalling occasionally, freezes for several seconds up to a minute or so, and when it comes back may have lost many of the peer connections. Then it continues OK for awhile. These stalls happen every few minutes. I thought it might be the new 3.3.2 version so rolled back to 3.3.1, but that didn't fix it. I also cleaned up the computer in general, as well as adjusted the bandwidth and queueing settings in utorrent to more conservative values, but that doesn't fix it permanently - may help for awhile.

Here's the link to the torrents involved. The larger ones 81.3 GB and 67.8 GB downloads are causing these problems:


Any ideas?

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