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Help me understand this IO Error better


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So I've always had this problem, uTorrent just doesn't want to write the cache to file, it gets full and just pauses the torrents (best case) or starts to freeze my PC progresively until a total system freeze (worst case).

This happens *sometimes* and I don't see any pattern, feels random, so I can't replicate it manually.

During that time the physical drive sounds like it does something, task manager indicates 100% disk usage with random values for read and write popping up, in the case of passive pause I can copy-paste or delete files just fine, but uTorrent just doesn't write anything.. after a few random minutes it starts to write again at full speed.

Now, I've loooked at the log tab and I've found this:

[2014-01-22 07:36:26]  IO Error:1168 line:68 align:-99 pos:-99 count:179468 actual:0

And thought I had a bad sector or something, so I got HD tune and I error scanned the entire hard drive both quick and full scan, but nothing is damaged... also health indicates OK and the drive is relatively new, has less than a year of use.

What are those numbers in the error exacly pointing to ? Hopefully they'll point to the problem.

Using v3.3 because v3.3.2 freezes when started through torrent files.

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I'm also getting this error, and uTorrent is crashing several times a day, often when a new torrent is added.

Is there something I could adjust in the caching to help prevent this?  I could believe that the disk being busy is the culprit in my case.


[2014-03-03 19:05:28]  IO Error:1168 line:66 align:-99 pos:-99 count:142636 actual:0
[2014-03-03 19:09:08]  IO Error:1168 line:66 align:-99 pos:-99 count:45000 actual:0
[2014-03-03 19:09:08]  IO Error:1168 line:66 align:-99 pos:-99 count:742072 actual:0
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I've been getting this same error lately too. 


IO Error:1168 line:705 align:512 pos:366690304 count:13342 actual:-99


I am saving downloads to a networked drive connected to my router. I thought defragging would help. It was seriously fragmented. I also connected the drive to an external power source thinking it may be starved for power. Neither did the trick.

This error usually happens randomly on very large files. Files under 1G usually download without incident. If I'm downloading several files at once and this error happens, some files halt, while others will continue.
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