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IP address should not be revealed.


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Under PEERS, your IP address of the file you are sending or receiving is given away. WHY?

Whatever benefit there is to revealing that information is nothing compared to the liability it creates.

As it is now, anybody can decide to upload or download a file, and if you are seeding or leeching that file, everyone else seeding or leeching it has your ip address AND the internet provider you are using to access that file!

That is crazy.

I have heard rumors that SOME people use torrents to send and receive porn and pirated wares. I have never done that myself, and I'm sure nobody else using utorrent has ever used to for porn or wares.. but anybody that does is risking having all their computer equipment confiscated, and spending several years rent free in a highly secure facility with bars for windows, with your food and laundry provided for free.

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