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Utorrent Plus Error after Update


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I'm using utorrent plus and recently I got an update from utorrent and updated it as usual. After updating the new version it started to download the setting for utorrent plus and before it could get completed I received this following error.

When it reached 70% downloading this error,


The install of C:\Users\fernandez\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\bitdefender.btinstall failed. (Signer certificate mismatch)

After downloading completed this error,


The install of C:\Users\fernandez\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\player.btinstall failed. (Signer certificate mismatch)

I don't know whether the utorrent plus installed successfully or not. I could see on my left bottom is displayed as utorrent plus. But what is this error. I'm seeing this for the first time.

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Hey everyone,

Apologies for the trouble here. This is a bug on our end and our development team is actively working for a solution. We hope to push a fixed version as soon as we can. I'll keep you updated with any news.

Thanks, only on the day when I decided to purchase the Plus version of uTorrent. Is there any way I can manually update to the Plus version of uTorrent?

This is what i received in my error log:

[2014-02-05 20:58:24]  Accepted launch|Type: auto Location: C:\Users\DAVIDC~1.STE\AppData\Local\Temp\license.btkey

[2014-02-05 20:58:24] valid plus key, but not activated. Attempting activation...

[2014-02-05 20:58:46] Activation error: Proxy connect error: offline (timed out)

Thank you.


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