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I'm seeding about 7500 torrents...


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Half of them can't get out of "updating" status. It's like there are some constraints in preferences, yet I already have raised numbers well above defaults. Please can someone help checking whether my numbers are good?



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Can I just say, unofficially, you're a fool pyc.


You have terrible settings. They'd be suitable if you had 10GBit upload, but you don't.


Here's one reason why you've got 8000 torrents, and yet only 2000 connections between them all, and each torrent is supposed to have 5. Starting to see the issue yet?


use THIS GUIDE to set up your client, based on your UPLOAD speed, and don't do any more stupid setups, ok?

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First of all, take it easy bud with your ego-trip. No need to behave that way, I'm much more informed about computers than you think.


Secondly, "connections" parameter is pretty much general and unintuitive so I was experimenting with different values. Guess what, now my settings look like this and still I have the same problem (half torrents won't even contact the tracker). I used recommendations from the page you suggested.






Additionally, I noticed there are about 10 seeds that start seeding, but soon stop, so there's not active even one seed, but I'm completely sure there are interested peers.


Actually, I'm going through this story again after few years, getting some ugly resistance here on forums, and what I can say right now is that uTorrent is incapable of seeding this much torrents.


If I'm wrong, would you show me how would you setup the parameters so that ~8000 torrents are available? I would be happy that you prove me wrong. Of course I don't need 8000 torrents active uploading or downloading at the same time, but tracker should be informed they're all seeded.



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Er no.

You talk about 'ego trip' and then say you're more informed about computers than I think. Based on your posts to date, you're not in any way relevant to here (so you're ego-boasting). Also, had you looked in the help-file, or the online guides, you'd know exactly what the 'connections' field means.



and what I can say right now is that uTorrent is incapable of seeding this much torrents.

It's not, your connection IS. There are NO settings that can change your connection into one capable of it.


As for your video... it's no use setting the queue settings so it works, if you're going to 'force start' and make them ignore it. And when I said use the settings, I meant actually use the right ones, not pick and choose from different lines.


You've shown here you don't know beans about bittorrent. You might think you do, but you don't, and that's why you are getting the 'ugly resistance'.


What you want to do is like running the 100m in 10 seconds. Sure some people can do it, but YOU CAN NOT, and no matter how much you want to, it's not going to happen. So instead of insisting you can do it, listen to those who know better and are telling you what you want is outside your reach.

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I'm in no doubt you investigated me properly, as for ego-trip, there's nothing else to say when someone calls you a fool so easiliy.


uTorrent is informing the tracker about torrents it seeds, once in like 15 mins for every torrent, and that's I guess is just a few bytes that needs to be transferred, after what (I believe) http connection to tracker is closed. So you're saying my 20 Mbit connection and Cisco router are not capable of supporting that kind of load? Sorry but I do think that's not excessive high number of active torrents nor connections I want simultaneously. And I'm not talking about 7500 simultaneous uploads here in any way.


I just wanna say also I'm able to seed similar amounts of torrents simultaneously in Vuze, in Linux, at home at 12 Mbit link.


Seems to me it's some case of bad software design, but you're not willing to say it, I just don't know why.

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