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Moving from "finished" state to "seeding" state


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I've been having the hardest problem trying to find out how to re-seed my finished files.


I have gotten the error:invalid download state, and when I recheck my files, the status bar then says finished.


now, due to the help document, "finished" means when the torrent is stopped after it reaches seeding mode.


However, what I want to find out, is how can I get it back into seeding mode? I have a bunch of finished files and i would like to seed them again, and I know they did not reach the "seeding goal".


The only reason why they stopped seeding in the first place is because they were stored on a external HDD, in which I removed many times, resulting in the error.


So, how do I go about doing this? Or, do all of my torrents just stay at "finished" forever?


p.s. the guides didn't do me much justice, and I've been looking for the answer to this for a long time. I've also used the search bar, and I haven't found anything that has helped me yet. This is really confusing.




EDIT: I cannot stop a errored torrent, the option to do so is "greyed out".

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Errored torrents are already in a stopped state.


If the torrent says finished, AND you've adjusted either the seeding goal or what happens when the seeding goal is met, you just need to start them.


If you've moved files, you MUST tell uTorrent that the files have been moved.


I don't think I've adjusted the seeding goal, I'm not sure how to do that.


I never moved files from utorrent, I just sometimes routinely disconnect my HDD from my computer which resulted in giving some torrents errors.


If the torrents are finished, then when I start them, they won't re-download again? they will just seed ?

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