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uTorrent 3.4.1 Beta (Build 30615) [32-bit] Not showing unlabeled torrents


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Version: uTorrent 3.4.1 Beta (Build 30615) [32-bit]

OS: Windows 8.1 x64




Under Expandable "Labels", "No Label" shows working counter of number of torrents with no labels, but list view is empty.


Note: This is only the case when expanding/selecting "No label" on tree. These and all other torrents, are still visible under other respective categories (depending on torrent status).

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I have the same problem, i'm using Version 3.4 (build 30635) Stable, sometimes there are fewer torrents in the list view then the numbers of the labels tree.


Restart utorrent brings those hidden torrents back, until i delete a few, then some becomes hidden again, but only if i select a label on "Labels" tree.


Also if select the "Torrents" in the left tree all are shown.


For example:

Torrents: 100

No labels: 10

Series label: 90


Sometimes "No labels"' list view displays less torrent then 10. Sometimes Series label's list view displayes less torrent then 90. But "Torrents" displays all 100 of them. Removing some of them makes some torrents hidden again (doesn't matter if it is completed or not), until restarting utorrent.


Sometimes after deleting some torrents, even the "Active" filter won't work, no torrent in the list, even if some torrents are running.

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i can confirm this odd behaviour with the latest 3.4.2 beta (and past betas...)


often, the number of torrents in the main window doesn't match the "Label (###)"... but will show up when i choose "Torrents (###)"


it seems something is bugged with the Labels 


oddly enough, this issue doesn't seem to happen with the WebUI

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