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Not connectable (red dot)


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Well I HAVE red the FAQ and the stickies - but either I am not smart enough to understand them or ... I guess it is not mentioned, which I find rather hard to believe.

I have cable internet - and AFAIK there is no router on the provider's end and I certainly haven't got one. I use the biggest Danish provider ,TDC. - So if anyone knows about special limitations by them that could help me too.

I use windows firewall. µTorrent has been set itself as an exception, and now I have tried to open a port for µTorrent as well.

Still I get the red dot in the bottom with the message that I am not connectable, a firewall/router is limiting my traffic and that I need to open a port. As mentioned I have tried to open a port but still the same result: the dot starts yellow and turns red.

Can anyone help me out here? Am I being cut off by a router from my provider? Or is there something I have done wrong here?

EDIT: I should add that I have tested if my port was forwarded properly (under speed test) and it is not. Also my modem is a Webstar (scientific atlanta) and I have a Sipura IP-telephone modem.

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internet throu cable in some (many?) cases means that you are not having a "real" internet access but some kind of LAN connection of the cable company and they have somewhere the router that is the link to the Internet.

check if the "outsideworld" IP you have is an internet routable one. What is the IP that the speed test shows?

And maybe this can help you also:


PortForward.com - The port forwarding progression.

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I might have a LAN connection - but how do I check that? I THOUGHT I had a direct connection ... but I might be wrong ...

What do you mean by routable? Forwarded properly? If so the answer is no (as I said in my first post).

Should I really post my IP here on these forums? Is that a good idea in terms of internet safety?

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what do you think we do if you would post your IP here?

It's not something to be kept secret as your credit card PIN ;-)

Every peer in any swarm you connect to, can see your full IP!

And Firon, the administrator of this forum can see it also (not shure if DWK see this database information also) ;)


you can tell what your IP is by going to sites like http://whatismyip.com/

how stuff works:


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I read those links and I would lie if said I understood it all - or even how I could gain some additional info on my problem from those links.

Anyway - I can gather that I must be behind a router (else that red dot wouldn't be there - right?). So I guess there is nothing I can do to obtain a better speed and connection with my current connection - right?

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OK ... I might get flamed now ... but my internet provider did NOT have me behind a router. After going beserk and starting thinking in alternative paths (for me at least) it turned out that my Sipura IP-telephony modem acted as a router for me. So I had to log on to my IP-telephony provider's settings page and experiment a little. And in the end I worked it out.

My dot is green now.

I think the main reason why I did not discover that the IP-telephony moden was a router, was because there are no Sipura modems on the page you linked for me (so I never made the link that that modem might act as a router).

Well - thank you very much for the help. - It DID help me think in the directions I needed to discover my problem.

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1) no you will not get flamed! Why? we are nice here ;-)

2) you expressed some concerns about "security" in conjunction with posting your IP. Now you pointed out that you have an VoIP phone.

Maybe THIS (legal!) torrent is then somekind of interest for you:



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