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Router problem (dlink 655), without router good speed.


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Hello, so i am sitting with 100mbit/10mbit and on speedtests its all fine. But with the router i often am around 1-3mb/s when downloading, i tried to put the cable straight to the prime internet entrance and ignorning the router. And that gave me 10mb/s with downloading, so it must be something with the router that makes this problem for me.

Firmware version is 2.05

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Is the router's SPI firewall enabled?

And where do i find that?



Edit: I aint sure if it was enabled, but when i clicked it again it said enabled. 


UDP Endpoint Filtering:     Address Restricted


TCP Endpoint Filtering:    Port And Address Restricted

Is clicked in aswell

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Besides lowering connections and bandwidth settings you can also try to adjust/disable your dlink 655

QOS...This of course is assuming your utorrent settings and port forwarding settings are fine according to your pc speed.

Also make sure you have rules in both your firewall (TCP or UDP)  and antivirus apps.

Another thing you can try is to see if your ISP blocks or rate limits BitTorrent traffic. Glasnost

Here is a test Slackware torrent that should max your dl speed...Slackware

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