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Better Encryption Please


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I never said Utorrent should develop thier own flavor of encryption. What I was meaning was Utorrent should be developed to use a stronger form of encryption.


Even WireShark now comes with obfuscation descrambling built right in, and will unscramble on the fly. So, you know if a free tool like Wireshark can do it on an old PC, any ISP can do the same thing.


What I'm saying is obfuscation doesn't serve a purpose anymore because it does absolutely nothing to keep the type of traffic generated either safe or desguised.


At this point in time there's no benifit to use it.


I understand "encryption" kinda goes against what torrenting stands for, but it doesn't mean torrent users should just stick thier necks out. Fortunately there are options.... Using a VPN service is one example. However, wouldn't it just be easier to encorporate some form of true encryption into Utorrent?


Let's do something to keep Utorrent at the fore-front of technology.





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