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Can I delete all subfolders (content) when no download is active?


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I prefer to leave as less traces as possible.


So I wonder whether I can delete (manually/with cleaner tool) the sub folders


- apps

- dlimagecache

- ie

- share

- updates


when currently NO download is active.

Will uTorrent re-create the mentioned subfolder if necessary?


Can I at least delete the content of these subfolders?


Thank you



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Yes, all you need is utorrent.exe, it's the installer and application in one.


Depending whether it will act as an installer or not is due to the information in settings.dat.

I would guess it read some of these to check if it's installed.

Or, it could be lack of settings.dat, mine contain following info.


fresh_install: 0

initial_install_version: 104884815

install_modification_time: 1222119562 (‎2008‎-‎09‎-‎22‎)

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