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Utorrent not recieving magnet link requests from Chrome ver. 37


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utorrent (free version) isn't recieving magnet link request from Chrome ver. 37 dev

it doesn't work for the latest version at all


i was able to use Utorrent ver. 3.3 to download an app once but it has stopped working completely


i realize that it could be my antivirus or antimalware but i can't seem to get them to ignore Utorrent long enough to allow it to get the files


my antivirus is ESET NOD32 7 and my antimalware is malwarebytes antimalware



if anyone knows how to fix it that would be greatly appreciated

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yes i have made sure that magnet urls are associated with uTorent.


uTorrent also seems to have issues with .torrent files as it will say that it couldn't save the .torrent file correctly,

also i have windows 8.1 if that helps you guys figure out what the issue


and i believe that it happens with ie 11 as well but i havent tried using it for torrents in a while


i have found however that magnet urls get pushed though fine most of the time in google's new 64 bit Chrome Canary that was recenty released


 not sure why any of this is happening


again any help is appreciated

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