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Recent VPN blocking policy to torrent clients?


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Hello guys,

My VPN service used to allow free usage but now they block connections via

uTorrent clients. They now (as of yesterday) only allow it if you sign up to their paid subscription package.


I tried enabling protocol encryption:
But it doesn't make a difference.
(I don't see why the protocol encryption wouldn't work btu I'm not an expert.)

I also tried setting the connection port to 80 and 8080 to try and fool teh VPN into thinking uTorrent was a browser,but that doesn't work either.

I love uT and don't want to change to another bit torrent client but I don't think it would make a difference anyway.

Do you guys know how a VPN (e.g. CyberGhost) knows you are using a bittorrent client as opposed to a browser? (and possibly how to mask this information so they only see generic traffic?).

Fyi browsing works fine.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Any particular proxy site? and -- more important -- is it free?


If not free then my problem isn't really solved as it is probably the same cost as the CG subscription to allow torrents.

I only download occasionally so don't want to subscribe.

(I also don't want to give anyone credit card details).

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Well there are free proxy to use I use Socks5 proxy ssl sites to go through with my Ut when I use it to avoid having to use paid VPN when using Ut. You just have to configure on your Ut settings to use the Socks5 protocal and that should be all it take but knowing how your ISP is setup is hard to tell.

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I am quite intrigued by this new development.


I know that ISPs typically suspect P2P software usage due to bandwidth hogging,

but how does a VPN service (like CG) know this--enough to block the software?


I thought it was related to the particular p2p port range being used, however,

even if use port 80 or 8080 (as a test) it makes no difference, uT is still blocked.


How can they know to block uTorrent even when using a http port? weird!

(I know they are very clever peeps).


I wonder if there is some other identifier unique to uTorrent connections (or P2P clients in general) that they know about?



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