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abel-Directory Mapping Doesn't Work


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I've spent about 3 hours looking for a solution to this and can only find other people with the same problem. The FAQs and Documentation for uTorrent are out of date with regards to the new Labels system (as are all of the guides I have found on youtube etc) so I have no way to be sure I am doing this correctly.


These are my settings for Label Directory Mapping (with my user name erased):




This setup would suggest to me that a download with the label "movie" would be saved to the folder "C:\User\XXX\Desktop\Plex\Movies" however this is not the case. All files go to a folder defined in Preferences>Directories even though I have unchecked this box incase it was overiding my Labels. Here are my current Directory settings (again for user name erased):




The only workaround I have been able to find so far, is to access the Preferences menu via the WebUI, where it is possible to re-activate the old label directories method since the UI hasn't been updated there:




That might be a solution enough for some people, but I actually prefer the way the new labelling system is supposed to work and would like to be able to use it.


If I've made any obvious mistakes then please explain what I'm doing wrong and I'll only be happy that I can finally use this properly. I would suggest making it a sticky, writing some proper documentation, or adding it to the FAQ's though, since there seems to be a lot of confusion at the moment with the changeover.


Just to highlight my point, heres some relevant issues that I've found this evening while I was trying to answer this myself:

This guy is clearly trying to use the old method of appending the label to the directory as was this guy

This chap was having the same exact problem I'm having and this fella too, and these 4 guys and finally, this entire thread discussion which seems to be the most in depth explaination as to what is going on at the moment, with the final conclusion of "we can't figure out the new system, heres a hack/bug to get the old system back".


Could we please have some clarification on how the new system is supposed to work, or indeed if it is broken. Thanks



EDIT - I've clearly typo'd the thread title as "abel" instead of "Label" and i cant seem to edit or delete it to re-post, sorry.

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 The FAQs and Documentation for uTorrent are out of date with regards to the new Labels system (as are all of the guides I have found on youtube etc)

My "guide"/sig is not outdated (tip U) ... :)

Regardless - this new feature is buggy for now. You cannot even delete a line in the bottom part there...


Can you look in the settings.dat file (use the BEencode editor), see what is the setting for appending label to path? Is it being remembered after you exit and re-start utorrent?

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