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Seeding same files simulatneously from a laptop and NAS


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I have been having serious problems trying to get my head around the problem of using a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution to seed my files 24/7 after downloading them from my laptop.


I purchased the Asustor NAS specifically for the reason that it had a built-in utorrent app that I thought would be the ideal solution to seeding non-stop without having to leave a laptop on all of the time. My intention was that I would continue to add torrents as follows:


1. Download a torrent file via my laptop install of utorrent

2. Store the related download files on the NAS as a central storage source

3. Have the NAS recognise that new torrents had been added and seed the new download files automatically from the central source 24/7

4. The laptop would seed the same files only when connected



I feel as though I have tried every combination of settings in terms of the 'Directories' settings in each of the separate install's preferences, but I still can't get this to work as I originally thought it would.


Does anyone know if this can be done or am I missing something here


Much appreciated if you can help


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I probably haven't explained myself very well so I apologise. I'm not actually looking to seed them from two different sources for any speed benefits, I want to be able to download the torrent using my laptop and save the related downloaded files on the NAS whilst also have those files seeded automatically from the utorrent app installed on the NAS so that I don't have to keep signing into the NAS and launching the utorrent app and try to load them in again separately, if that makes sense.

I've tried using the 'download automatically from' feature, but that renames the torrent files to *.torrent.loaded extensions, so that they are subsequently unrecognised in the laptop install of utorrent.

Could it be that I just have to live with that scenario, i.e. The laptop install not finding the torrent files but safe in the knowledge that they are still actually being seeded from the NAS install of utorrent?

Do any of you do a similar procedure?

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Why aren't you simply using the NAS to do the downloading as well as the seeding?

It will actually cause less problems long-term with what you're actually doing.

There's an application in the webui section of the forum called "uTorrent Adder" that you can configure with your NAS' login details to automatically add the torrents from any computer on the same network as your NAS instead of doing it manually.

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