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Healthy Torrent, Tons of seeders, crap speed


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This is a problem I run into pretty often and I'm just absolutely at my patience end with it.  I have a healthy torrent, more peers then I can count and my download speed is less then 1kb/sec.  I've tried looking at the setup guide but it links to a page that doesn't exist, and any troubleshooting link comes back to the forums.  Clearly I'm missing something here.  I've got some screenshots of what is happening.






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I'm no expert, but I can see on the screen shot that you're not using the default settings.

And maybe you've changed some others that could have a negative effect on downloading.


800, 125 & 25 should be 200, 50 & 4.


You could try with rafi's settings.dat to see if things improve: http://goo.gl/V2eHo

Rename it to settings.dat and place in the folder where the current one exists. (NB: back up your own settings.dat first).


Alternatively, try with an empty settings.dat file - you'll lose your customisations though.

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