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torrents all red


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i dont know what happened, last night it was all ok

today all the torrents are red

all the tracks are working fine

dont know what happened, didnt changed any settings

checked the port and:

OK! Port XXXXX is open and accepting connections.

i have Windows XP

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Hello Sir. The gentleman may have a point. If he's using the beta, like I was, he'll get no DHT nodes and no D/L'ing. The message I was getting was something about bad socket, dead network. I switched back to the 1.5stable and everything's OK now. I'm using Win2K. Thank you.

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i am having the same problem. XP SP2 windows firewall disabled. running sygate firewall tho, and im pretty sure its related to that. using the port checker in utorrent, port shows as open. however, i cant connect to any torrents. all show red, and the status light is yellow. they dont start at all for me - "offline (timed out)" in tracker status. i am positive the trackers are up.

as i said im sure its related to sygate firewall (for me at least) cause when i shut down sygate it runs fine. however i cant for the life of me figure out which option/setting in sygate is making it do this. just started using sygate after getting sick of ZA for many reasons.

quick image of sygate settings. sygate8yv.jpg


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