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Files tab issue, seeding errors and cannot limit upload speed


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A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and upgraded to 3.4.2 (37594) [32-Bit] utorrent. I did this when I was installing My windows 7 x64 computer with a clean install. I did not retain any utorrent settings or cache.


I have observed some strange behaviours which might be bugs, but rather than jump straight to that frame of mind I thought I should check if these are fixable via settings errors I may have made myself.


1. When utorrent loads it starts with the Files tab selected, but the info window actually contains the information from the tab that was selected when utorrent was closed. For example, I usually leave utorrent on the info tab, so it will start with the files tab selected, but showing the info window, with no details of course, because no torrent is selected.


2. Files being seeded seem to randomly go red. Still says seeding. The files have not been moved, deleted or modified in any way (at least not by me). Eventually I just delete them as they never continue to seed again, otherwise I typically seed each torrent for around 2 weeks.


3. I have set my upload limit to 1024KB/s. When not downloading I have it set to 256KB/s. However, when there are no torrents downloading utorrent continues to upload at 1024KB/s


4. My ISP appears to limit my bandwidth at fixed times each day, which only seems to affect torrent downloads, so at those times of the day I use a VPN. Occasionally the green tick at the bottom right will go orange and say no incoming connections. However, uploading and downloading do not appear to be affected. Perhaps this is related to this post http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/87643-no-incoming-connections-problem/


I apologise if these have previously been reported. I did have a look around but didn't see these mentioned.



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