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Closing all connections when exit uTorrent


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Is there a setting so when exit utorrent all connections open will close within 60 seconds (prefer immediately). That is connections invoked by, with, through and with using uTorrent. I like a clean connection to surf the net. To do so though always needs me to plug the power from the router so to get a new ip.

Why is there no time out where they can be made to stop. After all when uTorrent there should be no further connection for it or connections it has connected through or to.

As you can guess I know nothing of this accept what I see. But is a nasty situation where all user can do is renew their ip. For many that could mean having to gain a new profile for their connection that can take two weeks. During which their connection won't be at their normal maximum bandwidth. During which everyone loses except the isp who gains bandwidth.

Please stop the rot end all connection within 60 Seconds (prefer immediately) of exiting uTorrent so that none remain all connections are disconnected.

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