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Seeding after system restore...


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I had to do a system restore and somehow none of the torrents were showing anymore. I had a number of torrents that are a little scarce that I was leaving there. They are still on my computer. I know that one time when I thought one was gone, I downloaded and it immediately went to 100% because it was still in the computer.

So - I re-downloaded them thinking that the program would pick up that they are still on my computer, but they didn't. They are sitting completed in my computer, but it seemed the new ones loaded to a different directory.

What is the best way to straighten this out? If I delete the new ones from utorrent how would I guide utorrent to where they are on my system to seed?

Is this making sense? I'm frustrated and confused.

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File - Add (no default save) will let you point the torrents at a specific location if you have a default defined. Use this for torrents missing from your list.

Right-click and set download location will let you point torrents already in your list to where they need to be. Do a force re-check before continuing if you do this.

Don't use open for seeding, even if you were seeding them before.

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