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connecting to peers 0.0%


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Thanks for your replay.

I am located in Norway. My Internet Service Provider is Altibox AS.

I am not sure what you mean by router?? Please clarify, anyway without knowing what is difference between router and modem, I have 2 modems 1 cabled, 1 wireless.

Both have Cisco as brand.

I am using windows 8.1 OS and firewall. I am not sure what you mean by hard +firewall??? My firewall is software as far as I know Windows.

I have 16GB ram and 1TB HDD.


Any info you need please don't hesitate to ask, now can you please help me?



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i have had this problem now for the past few days my udp is being blocked

i reset my router

i reset my winsock

i have reset my port forwarding

UDP will not work for some reason

my AV dont block udp

windows firewall is set to accept my torrent programs and allow them through the firewall

im at a loss

this problem started exactly 3 days ago never had a problem before and i havent made any changes or installed anything recently

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