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Web browsing whilst uTorrent running


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Hi Guys,

Not sure if this needs to go in bugs, so I'll try here first!

Been using uTorrent since 1.0 and loved it. Upgraded this morning to uTorrent and ever since I've had problems with browsing the web whilst a torrent is downloading - I just get a whole load of page timed out errors. Close the program, and all is fine. I've left the program open for 2 hours thinking it might just be hogging some bandwidth as it connects to peers and seeds, but even after that it still does the same.

Pertinent info that might help:

UK ADSL connection. 2MBits down, 256kbits up.

Port set to 32459, no randomisation

6kb/s global upload rate

30kb/s global download rate

100 max peers per torrent

500 max global connections

Any suggestions at all guys?



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