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Two installs, same settings, one super slow


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I have just moved to a new computer. I have the old computer. Both are set up on the same network, connecting by cable to the same router. Both have the same network settings, and similar network hardware. 


Both run the same version of windows. Both have the same apps installed, with a few exceptions for different motherboard drivers. Both have sufficient RAM, same CPU speed, etc.


Both have uTorrent, the same stable version. Both uTorrents have the exact same settings (I've gone through one by one to compare, side by side, all the tabs, one by one, and the advanced too). The ONLY difference is that the OLD computer does NOT have IPv6/Teredo installed (or rather, it offers me the option to install it).   As far as I know, the router does not use IPv6 - on the adaptor's page, the IPv6 Gateway and DNS are blank.



OLD computer: I get a download speed of about 110-120KB/s on uTorrent, and 110-120KB/s on other downloads (eg web pages, web downloads, etc).


NEW computer: I get a download speed of 32-34KB/s on uTorrent, and 110-120KB/s on other downloads. It's a very stable speed, like it's being limited.


This is true for the same torrents (run at separate times), and different torrents.



I've followed some of the guides, eg http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/13691-if-you-have-speed-issues-read-here-first/ (though a lot of the links are broken). I got an extra 1-2KB/s out of the NEW computer but that's it. I tried removing the firewall settings, lowering net.max_halfopen, bt.connect_speed, and disabling DHT and UPnP and NAT-PMP. No significant change (maybe that 1-2KB/s)



Two questions:

1) Could the IPv6 be the culprit? Normally I'd test it by installing it on the OLD computer but I don't want to kill my download speed on the only device that gets decent speed.

2) Can anyone think of anything else that could cause this behaviour?



Thanks in advance

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Windows 7 ultimate, using standard Windows Firewall.

AVG Free

PeerBlock is installed but not running.

Malware Bytes Free is installed but not running


Would you like all the settings, or some? If some, which specific ones?

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For both computers:


Global Download Limit = 150KB/s

Global Upload Limit = 15KB/s    (I let it off the leash at nights)


Using port 56874

Enable UPnP port mapping, NAT-PMP port mapping, Add Windows Firewall exception.

Disable Randomize port each start.

No Proxy server



Global maximum number of connections: 200

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 130

Number of upload slots per torrent: 4



Basic BitTorrent Features: all enabled except for Limit local peer bandwidth.

Protocol Encryption Enabled, allowing incoming legacy connections.


Max active torrents up/down: 1
Max active downloads: 1


No transfer cap, scheduler, remote


bt.connect_speed currently 7, have tried 4 too.
bt.progressive_piece_span_mb - currently 1 to match old computer, but have tried default as well.
some gui settings changed to remove ads (sorry!)
net.max_halfopen: currently 100, tried 4 too.
some offers settings changed to remove ads
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Zeroing in on it. Took out PeerBlock, thought that solved it, until my speed plummeted. Turned off bits of AVG, thought that solved it. Turned it all back on, no difference. But it looks very much like Chrome is the criminal. Turned off all my extensions, it's improved (clamped at 56Kb/s), but with it off I get full speed.


More soon....

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OK, finally tracked down the culprit. And the murderer was....



Lan Optimizer from Gigabyte




This piece of bloatware snuck in with the motherboard, was not obvious (white icon on white background, real nice!), and _EVERY_ time I started certain applications, eg Chrome, IE, etc., It capped other network usage, ie uTorrent... and since I run Chrome all the time, it capped it all the time.



@DreadWingKnight, thanks for taking the time and for your suggestions, I appreciate the input, and I might not have started looking outside uTorrent as I did without your comments, so: much appreciated.

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