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Downloads Going Back Down To 0.0%?


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Lately I've been having an issue with my uTorrent. I will be downloading large torrents (mostly seasons of shows in HD), my internet speed isn't particularly fast, so it'll take me maybe a day or two to download these torrents. I've been halfway, or near halfway, through a download when I power down my computer. Normally my downloads pick off where they left off when I turn on my computer again, but a few times lately when I start my computer, my downloads will start from square one at 0.0% when they've been at over 25% completed when I powered down. 


The downloaded and partially downloaded files remain on my computer, but I want to figure out what this issue is caused by and how to prevent it. Just for further context, I also download onto an external hard-drive; not sure if that's maybe the reason or what. I'm not the most tech savvy person, however I'm 22 years old and have been around computers and using them for most of my life, so if possible please try to break things down for me when explaining how to fix this if its complicated. 


Thanks in advance!

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zogriggs, try keep this order:


1. Close the µTorrent by "File - Exit" (or another way, but not only close to tray).

2. Shut down Windows / PC

3. Start PC / Windows

4. Wait until external disk is connected (if it is storage for torrent content)

5. Manually open µTorrent

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