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Utorrent causing BSOD Driver_IRQL...etc


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Hello everyone,


lately I've been experiencing BSODs Driver IRQL not less or equal when running uTorrent unattended, e.g. I'm out of home leaving it to download things. Started with the 60GB GTA V release, and continued with Mortal Kombat X. When I'm at the PC while uTorrent is downloading, it constantly tells me that Windows ran out of memory. I've eliminated all possibilities and uTorremt was what was left, causing the problems. Seen a few forum threads on the net complaining about this happening under Win8, latest is that it's happening on 7 too, like my system. I have 16GB RAM with max 8GB used in any situation and page file disabled, so do please fix this thing. And also please finally update the installer to let me choose where to unpack a new version, I'm really tired of having to move the shit excluding the .dat files out of /Roaming into my own desired location every time.


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we can rule out network, stock atheros drivers from when I first installed my PC. so no nvidia chipset. I got nvidia graphics, reverted to a two month old driver version to rule out the recent GTA5 related updates and even two versions before them. no go. haven't updated the major version of Eset Smart Security for 3 months+. same goes for NetLimiter 3. Memory usage while me being active on my PC spikes to 16GB while downloading torrents regularly. plus there's a ton of forum threads elsewhere on the net where uTorrent is directly blamed for the idle BSODs and memory spikes/leaks. speaks volumes imo...:)

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my BSODs are caused for the most part by windows internal dll or exe files running as part of the system itself, each time it's some other one, by my experience it's pointing to Windows going out of breath because of some program eating up all the resources. I havent updated netlimiter for a year already, im using it for programs that don't have download limits built in, so not uTorrent directly. and again, never happened to me when I wasn't downloading, even with uTorrent running idle in the tray.

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my BSODs are caused for the most part by windows internal dll or exe files running as part of the system itself

No, BSODs are caused by kernel level drivers trying to do something they shouldn't or kernel level drivers reacting to something in your system.

In short, uTorrent's behavior is a symptom of other problems on your computer.

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edited, below the original post:


so now I found the root cause myself, after the memory leak occurred now that I'm at my PC again, and I didn't run anything, just watching TV via Media Center, and after I turned uTorrent off it didn't stop, I investigated further and found this, related to my SSD:



always learning smth new :) sorry guys :)



so, now I'm downloading The Witcher 3, and again the same problem, this time with netlimiter uninstalled. however no BSOD, just everything crashed but somehow the windows desktop background without the taskbar stayed intact, and in front of it uTorrent still downloading, with the non-Aero basic window look (dwm not running as well). Ctrl+Alt+Del did not bring up the usual menu, no reaction, I was able to manually stop the torrent with my still working mouse and then hard reset the computer to get it working normally again.

To sum it up:

- happens only when the PC is otherwise idle, e.g. I'm out of home or sleeping

- Disk cache set to 1800MB (max value) already, so http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/89387-34-disk-cache-overload-memory-leak-issues/ didn't help either

- Netlimiter uninstalled

- No BSOD info to supply this time

- 16GB RAM installed, 800MB pagefile set to allow for crash dumps to be created prior to a forced reboot

Two extra remarks:

- I'm running a SSD system disk, uTorrent is "installed" on one of my data HDDs, normal 1TB Seagate, torrents are DLed to another data HDD, not the same that uTorrent runs from

- my PC is set to go to sleep after 2hrs of idle time, and my HDDs are set to switch off unused after a certain time too, could this be the root cause, the new uTorrent somehow improperly handling the "prevent the system from sleeping when downloads are running"?


Please investigate, thanks alot

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