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  1. Most of these posts don't even say why they're using older versions; they just say they're "better."
  2. Or you could just right-click the torrent when your cursor is already there and choose from the "Remove And" submenu.
  3. You can already remove it through other methods. Specifically, the "Show Plus Information" in the Options menu.
  4. To be quite frank, that issue lies with the individuals responsible for blacklisting and whitelisting individual client builds, not the developers here. Hell, if they were so concerned, they could post here directly.
  5. I don't have ads in my uTorrent.
  6. I do like Virtual_ManPL's proposal.
  7. Those trackers should really just be using a key for authentication and not tie your account to a peer id.
  8. Out of curiosity, would it be possible to (or can someone confirm it has already been changed) "lock" the ordering when the user is renaming a torrent? I haven't run into this issue lately, but I remember in earlier versions that torrents were automatically reordered while I was changing a name, and the wrong torrent ended up getting renamed.
  9. Why do you have the font scaling setting in Windows so high? That's probably causing part of the problem.
  10. @rafi: uchi seemed to understand what I was getting at, which is all that matters. I've seen behavior like that happen with other applications, where something got corrupted because Windows did not permit the program to exit gracefully and complete all the methods it goes through when the process ends. That's why I suggested it as a possible cause.
  11. Did you allow uTorrent to close and fully remove itself from memory before turning off the computer? If the shutdown process interrupted uTorrent before it finished writing all changes to its configuration files, it's possible that resume.dat (not 100% sure which file controls this) was not updated properly, forcing uTorrent to recheck these torrents, ensuring that the pieces are actually where it thinks they are.
  12. It's a false positive on Norton's end.
  13. Solution: Don't use private sites whose admins make decisions not based on reality.
  14. Why has this change been made? Now I'm forced to download a file/files in a folder when I don't want to. Seriously' date=' why can't you just go back to the single box dialogue of ye olde days? It worked and functioned perfectly. Does anyone know what the last stable version is where the dialogue box is the old style one?[/quote'] 3.1, I believe. You're not the only one who doesn't like this change. A few pages ago, some of us posted dialog mockups that would permit the old behavior.
  15. If the trackers have the same peers, then it makes almost no difference.
  16. I suspect they expect there to be one. Or they could just be numbering it to err on the side of caution.
  17. Do you have any RSS feeds configured to autodownload things?
  18. @DeathStalker: I think you messed up the quote. I didn't write those words.
  19. Oddly enough, the real issue is mentioned in the article itself: Bolded for emphasis.
  20. You still haven't given the developers any information that's actually useful in troubleshooting or tracking down the supposed bug. All you are saying here is "I have this problem, and others do too, so the program is obviously broken." That doesn't tell anyone anything.
  21. Looks to be some kind of development file for uTorrent Remote.
  22. I prefer manual assignment of downloads to folders of my choosing. It would be great to automate my scheme, but that would require a ridiculous amount of scripting.
  23. According to the website, it is released. Being on the autoupdater is not indicative of release.
  24. Sure it is, if that peer's client continually sends bad data.
  25. I believe that's an error with the relevant trackers, not uTorrent.