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  1. heh, you forgot to specify a background color. It will look awful on some computers (like mine...) BTW, is it just me or the fonts for the old skin have suddenly shrunk?
  2. Just in case, as this _may_ be a different bug (it doesn't crash for me) 1.9 1.8.1 , same torrent
  3. Thanks to the µTorrent team and congrats to everybody else!!! WOOOOOT!!! I took the liberty to submit this to digg
  4. the uncompressed version comes out clean (this was the latest uncompressed version I found...) in other words, the scanners freak out whne they see a compressed exe this Webwasher-Gateway 6.0.1 2007.07.22 Win32.ModifiedUPX.gen!84 (suspicious) pretty much proves it
  5. Finaly! That is one LOOOOOONG changelog EDIT: dugg It's time for the forum server to take some abuse
  6. let's see now, who was so kind to provide us with a Thumbs.db in\images ? lol
  7. @one50bpm: u have to use the router's IP and u have to properly forward the port that the webui is using. P.S. where the hell is the quote button!?!?
  8. This is covered in the readme. The options has always been there (including the official 1.6 release), but was hidden cause the webui was closed beta.
  9. OK, it was about time for me to sign up. I had some other problems, but now it's all creared and I'm all ready for testing. I've 2 boxes - Windows 2003 Server Standard and Ubuntu Linux Opera and IE6 and Firefox on the win Opera, Konqueror, Mozilla and Firefox on the Linux routers to play with and plenty of other boxes to test from
  10. :( :( It was so good... anyway it still works for me, as I used the fix with the old build and I'm not updating wine untill It's reported to work again... @Xilon: no problem with that, just open the .torrent and force recheck
  11. Looks nice, "specifically built for playing anime" I'm not going to try it right now, though, cause I'll need to uninstall my current codecs first. Chances are after the un/re/installs sth will not work... btw, do you think the "CCCP" is intentionl? And all this red color at the back?
  12. In general you're right, but I've never had any problems with this particular codec pack and I've been able to play some very badly corrupted videos that some friends of mine couldn't with their "normal" codecs. btw, if you think that K-Lite is too big, take a look at this. It's a 50MB installer!!! As I recall it could even check your box for viruses at installation... now if this is not overdone, I don't know what is....
  13. I'm using K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. This thing is HUGE (over 100MB with everything installed), but it has EVERYTHING needed to decode or encode ANY file (including QuickTime and Real Codecs). I haven't found a single file I can't play over an year now. Of course if you don't need the encoding tools you can use K-Lite Standard or Basic. Those will still play practicaly everything and are several times smaller than the Mega. Basic actually can fit on a floppy, though it doesn't play everything.
  14. @Firon: 10x for the fix. I'm with Opera and the link works, so it has to be FF's fault
  15. I posted this on digg CapnBry, sorry I didn't mention you in the post, but I don't know anything about you except the nick, so... Anyway, people clicking the link will read your post and will know who should get the credit fixed link
  16. "It's alive, it's alive!!!" /screams and jumps around the room\ I've just compiled it (the 0.9.10 source with the change needed) and it works!!! CapnBry, you're my hero!!
  17. CapnBry, I love you!!! I'm trying it right away. btw, does the sourceforge repo contain the latest ver with the patch or I should compile it by my self?
  18. My fav programs (Windows / Linux) Browser: Opera / Opera DL manager: Free Download Manager / KGet IM: miranda, skype / Kopete, skype, Konversation Office OO.o / OO.o Audio player: Quintessential Player / amaroK Video player Crystal Player, MP Classic / Kaffeine CD Burning: Nero / K3B CD ripping: CDex / don't remember the name defrag: Diskeeper / no need for such Archiving: 7-zip / doesn't matter programing: eclipse, vis studio 2003 / eclipse, KDevelop antivirus: I don't like any / I don't need any :) daemon-tools, alcohol 120% / no need for such Torrent: guess / KTorrent for windows: you should try KillCopy, a killer app that integrates in the shell and allows you to copy/move files with support for pause/resume, speed limit... and it even copies faster than windows itself... it's even skinnable!!!
  19. Great, Super, Bravo!!!! And LoL, Ludde even left the tetris thingy in. I thought it's only for the betas.
  20. about 432's change log: what should "New easter egg" mean? Pehaps there is a hidden treat somewhere in the new beta?
  21. In 426's changelog, what does "Change: &Exit to E&xit" mean?
  22. This was my bug report, so fixing it makes me feel extremely happy. Good work!!!