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Download speed less then 1 mbps


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Hi, all

I have an doenload speed issue. Some time ago everything was ok. Now download speed not more then 1 mbps. I did not change anything.

I tested:

ISP connection speed - OK 100mbit

direct conection to ISP without router - helpless

downloading from another PC in my network - speed OK

Conection thrue WLAN - speed OK

Conection thrue 1G LAN - down speed less then 1 mbps.


Can anyone tell me what is it? How i can fix it?


Thanks in advance!


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updated to v. 10.6.1001.2015. this is the latest version on realtek site

stil helpless((

There is one more simtome: when torrent lounches or restarts, at first speed growth normally for a few seconds (up to 7-9 mbps), and then go down to 1 mbps

Offtop: there is no button to reply your last post Oo


Although, what setup guide did you use to configure uTorrent originally?

Usually it is all working from the box for me. I`v never needed to configure specially anything.


whan I changed cache sise to 1024 speed was greate for a minute (11 mbps), but than goes down (status bar shows "disc cache overloded) 

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