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crash dump


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  • your operating system: Windows 10
  • your current version of µTorrent (including build number): 3.4.5 build 41712
  • your ISP: Unitymedia (Germany), does not block anything thats for sure
  • any other software or connection settings you’re running that may interfere with µTorrent (including but not limited to: VPNs, proxies, firewalls, BTGuard and similar programs, and antivirus software): no VPN, no proxy, Windows 10 firewall (allowed everything), no BTGuard etc, Avira Free Antivirus (since 6 month or so, no uT dumps until now)
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understand, but not much to describe here, utorrent works correct for hours then crashes with the dumps I have send in this first entry of the thread. Didn't do any action with the utorrent software when the crash orrured. Have about 700 torrents in the list currently, but had up to 5000 before w/o those problems. Since a few days uT crashes 3 times a day or so. Generally speaking, is it possible that a specific torrent causes the dump? I didnt change the uT software since 2 month or so. Can I see somehow what torrent might cause the problem (and kill that one then ofc) ? 


here's a new crash dump:



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