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Stuck At Finding Peers 0.0


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Ive been downloading torrents from uTorrent from priatebay and kickasstorrents for 2 months now. All of a sudden, I downloaded a torrent from piratebay and it was stuck a 0.0% peers for at least 5 hours. Idk what the problem is I tried everything, please help out!

[DHT]                                                         wating for an announce

[Local Peer Discovery]                               working

[Peer Exchange]                                         working



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40 minutes ago, torrrentzz said:

No Slackware torrents did not work, it said an attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permission. for the trackes

Then this is what is happening...

7 hours ago, DreadWingKnight said:

If slackware torrents don't work, you have either hostile internet security software or a hostile internet provider.


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Well ive found a solution:D, I went to programs and features and deleted norton internet security, then went to control panel, then security and turned of the firewall, and now all the trackers work, including DHT, but only 2 of the real trackers are not working, which is why im now stuck at connecting to peers 0.0% PLEASE HELP

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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