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Blue Screen after upgrading problems


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After updating automatically to uTorrentv1.6, I redid the Norton 'allow,' Zone Alarm 'allow,' portforwarding, updated the drivers, used the programs to tweak and optimize the dwnload speed, used xx\384kb\s in settings, do not have any other problems or notices in any of the status areas.


WinMe OS

Actiontec GT701WG 1.5M Modem- DSL

Have only 100 global and 50 max peers

Enabled the trackers

Maxed the down/up to 3

Maxed down to 2

Have not touched advanced options or any other controls.

Was downloading at about 50kb/s with 5(9) and 7(48) or thereabouts.

Then the Problem, a Blue Screen pops up which says:

An exception has 06 occured at 0028:0000000B in VxD---'

This was called from 0028:C001BF84 in VxDNDIS(01)+0005AAO.

It may be possible to continue normally.

(blah, blah, psssssssst!)

This happens every 10-15 minutes.

Why? How can I fix it as it kicks me off the net. uTorrent is open but not working, try to close it and it stays there until you use the CTLR/ALT/DEL, nothing else will work, you have to restart the computer, which tells you that utorrent is still working, and 'wait,' 'close,' 'exit.'

I hit 'close' and 'Start/Shut Down/Restart.' Upon restarting, I have to change ports to download anything at all.

Why? Can you help?

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Unfortunity, I was upgraded. Quick story, Xp was placed into a computer, without permission, that was not compatible with it, it fried. Older son, (the culprit), replaced with a new one. Now have XP, and am setting it up, so recomendations are requested so that I will not have the same problem again. (I'll be gone about a week also, so I will see what is recomended then).

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