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yellow triangle of almost death

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I just updated to 1.6 today and now I get the yellow triangle in my status bar telling me that I have no incoming connections. I've tested the port and it comes up that the port does not seem to be open, so I follow the instructions at portforward.com and still nothing (I've tried it twice, as well as picking a new random port, mixed in with a bunch of rebooting). I am using an old ass Norton Internet Security 2002, but I have gone in there anyways and readded utorrent.exe allowing everything that I'm allowed to allow.

I don't know if this is helpful, but I can only connect to a couple people (I'm guessing they have the same fucked up settings that I do), but never any seeds. I'll have 0(129) or likewise for seeds all down the list, with a mixture of red and blue arrows.

If there is any more info needed to diagnose this problem let me know, it is driving me crazy!

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