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What is BEST piece size for 700mb single file?


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Smaller doesn't mean less hashfailed. It means more chances of completing pieces. Larger doesn't improve connection and speeds, it makes for less frequent hash checking (there are less pieces to check) and smaller .torrent files.

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There is also 2 MB piece size. (...well, there should be!) That's far better than 4 MB piece size for anything up to 2 GB size.

512 KB, 1 MB, or 2 MB piece size seems best for 700 MB size.

If you think torrent poisoners might try to disrupt the torrent, a lower piece size is better.

With lower piece size, the likelyhood of multiple peers/seeds uploading the same piece to someone goes down.

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Most important is the NUMBER of pieces. The size of the piece depends on the NUMBER of pieces.

The good number is between 1000 and 2000, best is 1500.

You have to select the size of the piece, so the total number of pieces in the torrent become 1500.


1) Data 700 mb

700 mb=700 * 1024 kb=716800 kb

716800/1500=477 =>512

With 512 piece size you have 1400 pieces.

2) Data 900 mb

900 mb=900 * 1024 kb=921600 kb

921600/1500=614 =>512

With 512 piece size you have 1800 pieces.

3)Data 300 mb

300 mb=300 * 1024 kb=307200 kb

307200/1500=204 =>256

With 256 piece size you have 1200 pieces.


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