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Memory Usage Issues


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Hi first of all thank you in advance to anyone who responds to this. I'm using version 1.6 stable.

My problem lies in that whenever I'm downloading a torrent, the memory usage skyrockets to around 100Mb. I'm only downloading a single torrent for a Linux distribution. I'm using the task manager to check these numbers right now. Right now its at 40,000 K. Its slowly rising at a rate of 1,000 K every 5 or 6 seconds. I was wondering if this was normal. The VM Size is at 762,000 K and is slowly rising as well. The Commit Charge at the moment is 1096M/ 1954M and is constantly rising. It continues to rise until it peaks at 1800M and then it crashes and utorrent shows a popup that says that it has crashed and has made a dump. This happens often and Its getting troublesome. I can't leave it alone to seed for more than 4 hours at a time due to this. I'm thinking its something due to my disk cache settings. Everything in the "Advanced Cache Settings" is checked and the "reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed" is checked.

My Specs:

CPU: Pentium 4 640 3.0Ghz

Memory: 512Mb/ 2 sticks of 256Mb

OS: Windows XP SP2 with current updates

Harddrive: 71.2GB ST380013AS Harddrive. (Brand Is unknown)

Here are some screenshots of my task manager.



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I've seen that part of the FAQ and it sounds like the condition that utorrent is doing right now but the thing is I'm not using the NVidia Firewall nor am I using any firewall besides the built in one that is currently in my router. My router is a Actiontec DSL Gateway.

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You also appear to have both norton and mcafee installed, either of them could be causing this.

I'm seeing AVG as well. Two or more virusscanners is bound to give serious issues. Surprised the machine even boots up. I'm also seeing over 700000 open handles???? (likely to be the cause of problems, potentially a result of two virusscanners)

PS: harddisk is a Seagate

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Sorry for not replying in awhile. My internet was down for several days and was not able to reply.

Anyways, I uninstalled McAfee but am unable to uninstall Norton due to my mother believing that Norton is superior to all Anti-Virus applications and that she would not allow any computer to even run without it installed. It seems to have helped a bit to have uninstalled McAfee but I'm wondering if its more effective to remove Norton as well.

I'm currently using the latest version obtained through the "Check for Updates" button in uTorrent.

And from reading the posts, I'm assumming that having a too high of a half open connection setting will cause memory usage to skyrocket? My current settings right now are:

Global maximum number of connections: 250

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 90

Number of upload slots per torrent: 4

net.max_halfopen: 267

Global maximum upload rate: Unlimited

Regarding the question about if I hit my uploads as fast as I set them to. Its currently set to unlimited and constantly hits around 70-80KB/s. That should sound about right since thats the peak upload rate my internet connection is capable of.

Qwest DSL 1.5Mbps (Speakeasy Test Numbers)

Down Speed: 1293kbps

Upload Speed: 551kbps

I was wondering if my settings were appropriate for my connection speed.

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Also, in the first picture where it shows that my uTorrent build was at beta 463. It was actually already on version 1.6. I double-checked it by opening uTorrent and checking the Task Manager right now. Shows as 1.6 in uTorrent and shows as utorrent-1.5.1-beta-build-463.exe. I'm unsure as to how its this way.

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