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µtorrent slows my computer to a halt


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Hi everyone.


Whenever i start µtorrent, my computer becomes so slow, i can't even listen to music or watch a movie.

When i look into the task manager, i still have a lot of ressources left (in CPU and RAM) so i don't know what's the source, what i do know, is that when i stop µtorrent, all goes back to normal...


Any ideas?

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3 hours ago, Yevgi said:

Antivirus : Malwarebytes

Firewall : Zone alarm

Setup guide : None ^^"

Don't recall malwarebytes being a A/V it's a malware scanner so what is the A/V? ZA is a terrible program does more to stop the internet then it helps. Uninstall and dump ZA and uninstall malwarebyte and see what happens. Obviously something was installed or changed for this problem to happen nothing happens without something being changed.

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