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Utorrent Port Forward for the 7404VGP


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hey guys, new router, new internet; 24mbps; i still get extremely low speeds; never gotten good ones for some reason, maxes out at 10kb/s even on privates. need some help; i went into speed guide and gave it a run, tested the portforward, says mine isn't, i went to the website portforward.com and my router isn't there.

any help?

ps im using 1.5 should i get 1.6?

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Aren't the 2 routers similar enough that the instructions are the same for yours? Port forwarding 1 port is the same regardless of WHY you're doing it for whatever program.

Do you have a router manual?

Online guide for the router? (try the maker's website...find that through GOOGLE if nothing else.)

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So, you have a green light now?

Did you use the Speed Guide properly and choose your upload in kbit/s?

"Checking port 29278 on

OK! Port 29278 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections. "

the thing is that now it alternates between orange and green; im guessing its orange when no torrent is downloading?

im with iinet; on a 24mbps plan and so i went into the speed guide and set it to 20Mbit (closest to 24mbps?)

on a very popular torrent im getting max ~20kB/s; is this good?

also can i ask; ive port forwarded using the 7402g guide and it works for one pc; when i set it up exactly as before (changing the IP address only) i can't use the net for the other pc

:S cheers for the help sofar tho

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Test run on 15/07/2006 @ 4:09 PM

Mirror: iiNet

Test type: ADSL

Your connection speed:

kbps: 2837.96

KB/s: 354.75

Mbps: 2.84

edit: a friend with the same connection as my own says he gets no less than 400kb/s on his bitcomet :\

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holy ****

what is that torrent omg

its going at 400kb/s down; holy holy

edit: that was insane; fastest ive ever seen any bit torrent download before lol :P

Merged double post(s):

The setting from that page are lousy. the Speed Guide's are better.

ok i set it @ 1mbit for both pcs now ;P

EDIT by silverfire: Use the damn edit function instead of double posting

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You can't have 24mbit if all you're getting is 400KiB/s. Besides that, I already said ADSL can't reach speeds of 24mbit.

The torrent was the OpenOffice.org torrent. We use it for benchmarking and troubleshooting, as it's normally easy to max your connection speed out with it.

Edit: Don't use your internet connection for any other reason besides testing, when testing. That includes any other computer you may have on your network.

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