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Auto-Label feature - how to combine multiple keywords in "Contains"


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I'm using uTorrent 3.5.5 on windows 10.

I'd like to ask your help please regarding the Auto-Label: 

I've been trying to make a Label rule, named "games".
Every such game torrent contains in its name the following part in their end: e.g. "CODEX" or "CPY", etc 
I've tried separating these strings with either comma, a | character, or even a regular expression, but nothing works - only using a single string, e.g. plain "CODEX".

Here are my efforts (the attached screenshot is from the last one) :


Is there a way to combine multiple keywords in "Contains" or do I have to make a separate rule for each one?

Thank you


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Thanks for the reply. 
I also thought of adding multiple rules for the same label,
but I actually want to combine a lot more keywords in the same rule(s),  and having one rule for each label would be much more convenient to keep.

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