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utorrent cannot save pieces or resume file


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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on a *very* weird issue I'm having with utorrent.
I'm running an old version - utorrent 3.0 32bit on Windows 7.
I've got a couple of torrents recently that exhibit the same behavior and that I cannot download.
All other torrents are fine.

Specifically, these torrents have a mix of large (over 4Gb) movie files with smaller screenshot files.

I can download the screenshots.

However, when I try to download the larger files from the *same* torrent, several things happen:
- the individual pieces cannot save - they download fully but cannot save (for example, lets say a piece consists of 512 blocks - all 512 will download, I can see that, but then it's supposed to save and disappear from the pieces to download list - this does not happen, they just continue sitting in the list having finished at 512).
- if I close the utorrent while downloading this large file or having stopped the download, it cannot save the resume file and all progress is lost, including any progress on downloading any of the smaller screenshot files at the same time.

Obviously, I have lots of space available. I've also tried checking permissions on various things. I can also download large files from other torrents.

Any help would be very appreciated, as I'm stumped.

The thing I don't understand the most is why different files from the same torrent would behave differently.



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To update.

It appears this issue was solved by pre-allocating files - by ticking that option in the preferences.

It's still a mystery to me why utorrent couldn't do it automatically on its own, but c'est la vie.

Hope this is useful to someone.

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