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Hi All,

I am a long time user and just require some assistance / clarification if this is possible.

I have an external mass USB storage device connected and use this for downloading and seeding which is almost fall with about 2TB remaining.

Yes, this is a first world problem and I am unable just to move all the contents to a new drive as it is 43TB (I have a lot of hard drives).

What I wanted to confirm, is that if I change directories in preferences for the location of files and torrents. Will it still continue to upload my existing files stored in another directory.


For Example:

Existing Setup:

Put new downloads in: E:/TOR/Downloads

Move completed downloads to: E:/TOR/Complete

Store .torrents in: E:/TOR/Downloads/Tor

Move .torrents for finished jobs to: E:/TOR/Complete/Tor


Updated Setup:

I want to the settings to the new drive as below.

Put new downloads in: F:/TOR/Downloads

Move completed downloads to: F:/TOR/Complete

Store .torrents in: F:/TOR/Downloads/Tor

Move .torrents for finished jobs to: F:/TOR/Complete/Tor


So once I change the directory, I want to keep uploading my existing and new files on both drives.

In summary, all new downloaded and completed files on the F:/ drive. But still upload the old files without moving them to the new drive which are stored on the E:/ drive

Most of my files are seeding, sorry for the essay.







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Changes to those settings aren't retroactive to already loaded torrents. You won't have to do anything other than change the settings to get things to do what you want.

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On 5/3/2020 at 9:57 AM, baza3 said:

Thanks for clarifying that.

I was hoping I didn't have to manually move the files.

You can consider changing/swapping your drive letters E<->F ...

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