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uTorrent is telling me I have 99.9% of a torrent. What??


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All right if this sounds a bit off it's because I copied and pasted this from another forum that I tend to frequent. I didn't feel like completely explaining this again. Anyway..

I re-downloaded a particular torrent to hop back on to seed because there were a couple of downloaders on a tracker I frequent.

I loaded the torrent up in utorrent and proceeded to hashcheck the file:


Awww crap 99.9%!? But why? :psyduck:


Apparently, i'm missing approximately 0.2 MB of the very last part, as well as the NFO and SFV.

[screenshot removed]

I can open the NFO file just fine even though utorrent claims I have 0.0% of it.


Even the SFV file is completed and I can run it. Quickpar sure thinks it's complete.


I test-extracted it with Winrar and everything went A-OKAY.


I even extracted the image file out of it without a problem.

So what gives? Why is utorrent telling me I only have 99.9% of the file with only 175kb remaining? Is it a bug with utorrent? Or something else?

EDIT by silverfire: Image >50KB changed to link. Please read the forum content rules before posting.

^Sorry about that I didn't realize it was that huge.

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I didn't open them with notepad. I opened the SFV with Quickpar and the NFO with Damn NFO Viewer...

By the way, I just loaded the torrent up in Azureus, as a test, and it seems to see the torrent as 100% as opposed to only 99.9% in uTorrent... this is odd.

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