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Missing over 1.2m since start of coin, didnt know about bitspeed.


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so there is just over 1.2m btt missing from my earnings to spending's and just recently lost over 145k btt over night maybe Friday May 14th or around there. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm  a noob and didn't know I was actually seeding for bit torrent speed since the start, so I never logged onto my wallet in till last month. I noticed how many coins I earned and spent and sent an email to support but they have yet to reply. I had 130kish in my in app balance which increased to just over 150k before 145kish just up and disappeared around May 14th.

Yes I should have transferred these coins once I found them but I didn't and was still learning. But now I cant transfer any out and its disappearing.

The transfers you see didn't go to btt on chain they say completed but just dropped back into my in app wallet.

Public address is







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All those numbers in those screenshots might be way off.

The amount of BTT speed users you have connected is really low, and since you only started using the BTT wallet 20 days ago.

Earning 135k + in 20 day's seems almost impossible, BTT is a bidding system 

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Im not that dumb, They were not spent as I had shut off the torrent speed for seeding and if I post my spending graph the last month you would see I didn't spend those 145k, and why wouldn't this say what I actually earned? I know theirs no way I seeded 599 trb but I do have over 2k torrents seeding since start of coin with an average of 1200btt per night, earning and spending graphs bellow. I have read other posts and it seems like the missing coin will reappear sometime soon (the 145kish from friday) for the 1.2m that says is missing idk if that is correct or not. But I defiantly should be close to 1.5m after all this time of seeding at an average of 1200btt per night x 365 thats 400k plus and I sometimes seed up to 9k per night. my wallet is three files that is starting at 2020/02/22. So I should be anywhere from 500k to 1m plus Btt by now right? Idk.


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What are you saying? What does that matter when the wallet was activated? This 135k plus was actually there on the day(20days ago) I activated the wallet, also 1200 x 20 is 24k, you math is wrong lol. The graph shows iv been seeding since 2020/02/22 and so does my three wallet files which are to big to post. My active btt users switch on and off all day, I upload an average of 50-100gigs per night, now not all are bittorrent users or utorrent users but most are. Im not that much of a noob. I have been in torrentleech since 2008 and seed all my things as it is a private site and using utorrent forever. Attached is a Dec 2020 earnings graph. Idk why you dont think I earn 1200btt per night. Like Im not lying here lol. Ive posted all the screen shots showing my earnings per night. Just because someone wasn't connected or only 2 ppl were connected to my speed inst always the same throughout the night. Just bad timing for a screen shot lol.



@thegiver_13 I have read that but you fail to read what Im posting and you are missing the big picture here, I have been watching my earnings and spending's for the last 20 days since I realized I had the wallet. Those earnings and spendings have been actually pretty accurate as in the earnings amount shows up in my btt in app balance with almost zero difference the next day. if you choose to read What I have been saying you would understand that.


@thegiver_13   I NEVER SAID I DID! and if you read I even said the 1.5m might be wrong but my earnings math shows I should be around 400k-1m just based on my wallet files from 2020/02/22 to date. MAYBE YOU SHOULD READDDDDDDDDDD! you are the one who is "failing to listen" lol.  Im here for help and understanding, not some internet keyboard warrior who cant read before they reply.


@thegiver_13 Im not asking for the 1.5m or the 400k back, why dont you read! I even stated it might be incorrect but the fact remains I have seeded for over a year and my earnings in the last 20 days that I have watched  come in around 1200 per night, some nights are 500btt some nights are 9000btt it all depends on users, torrents and the amount I seed which then transfers to my in app balance with accuracy (last 20 days). There was 130k in my in app balance when I activated the wallet 20 days ago right from the get go. You need to read what Im saying. I want answers and I want my btt that I legit have seeded for over a year, yes it might not be the 1.5m it says and yes I might not even get 400k back but the fact remains I did earn and all my earnings disappeared on Friday that was there and Im looking for answers which I have read the 145k that disappeared on Friday should return after maintenance. Again IM LOOKING FOR A MODERATOR OR TECH TO HELP. no need for internet warriors that think they know the answers. Im very understanding with this. Im just annoyed by you and your lack of reading and understanding then telling me Im not reading or understanding lol. Typing in circles as this is all in my previous posts that you again fail to read and understand. sorry for the confusion lol.

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You can read it anywhere that the total earning number is just wrong.
And the Speed feature turns itself on sometimes, you can also read that here in the forum.
But i guess you don't want to listen :)

You NEVER had 1.5 mill in your in app wallet

final answer: You just don't want to understand, you will not get 400k-1mill and you never had 400k-1mill :^)
The graphs and the numbers are not representative of what you actually earned, I know it must hurt to hear the truth, but that's just how it is.

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