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Moving to a new computer


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Currently running v2.2.1.25302 and have no wish to progress from that version.

Need to move my install from this elderly i7-4 computer to a new Ryzen box.

I currently have my downloads in c:\torrents\_running, and completed torrents go to
c:\torrents unless I've specified another drive\directory when starting the download.

Current C: drive is 1TB ,but the new computer has only a 512 M2 drive as C: so really won't
have the space to use C as my storage drive; do have more than ample space elsewhere on the
new computer

Additionally when the computer is busy, I get a message at the bottom of the uTorrent window
telling me that drive usage is at 100% and all torrent downloads slow to a crawl.

For information, when I make a torrent I save the .torrent file to the directory where the torrent
content resides.

AND ! I have a directory C:\Users\computer\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent which contains (as of
me typing this) 11,479 files - almost all of them .torrent files - going back some 6 years to when I
installed uTorrent last - how do I know which of these files I can safely delete and is there a way
of doing so automatically ?? 
I'm pretty certain that they're the reason that uTorrent takes about
ten minutes to start (or maybe it's because I currently have some 352 Completed torrents (plus
however many are incompleted) , mainly DVDs, which I seed and uTorrent is checking them to
make sure that they are correct..

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance with my problems.

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Unfortunately this forum will not permit assistance to any other then the latest utorrent help. That's their Rule here. I will say if your migrating all your utorrent everything from old to new must match otherwise you will have to restart every torrent from "0" again unless you can find them from the old system and do a force recheck to get it working again. But as of now we can't help with older utorrent request so be aware of this.

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