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Utorrent won't download my ".torrent" files that I created.


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Hello, I need help with a problem.

I have created .torrent files where I have a lot of heavy videos so that
I can save it without taking up a lot of space on my PC. But when I want to
download my videos, utorrent doesn't download my files and I get
"Connecting to the sync" and from there it doesn't load anything anymore,
it takes hours and hours and it doesn't download even 0.01%. I need help
with this if there is a way to fix or convert my .torrent file to
something else in order to get its content back inside. It is very
important to me.


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On 12/21/2022 at 1:11 AM, DreadWingKnight said:

You deleted the files from your system?

If no one had previously downloaded the torrent, then the files are gone.

Torrent files are NOT a substitute for cloud storage.


Just did the test, I created another .torrent file and it still doesn´t download anything with the original files still saved.


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To be perfectly clear, the BitTorrent protocol is a distributed Peer2Peer networking protocol, someone needs to be serving the files for someone else. You can seed your files to the network only if others download them, and then only download them if when you want them someone is still seeding them. 

If you delete your own files they are gone. Maybe try some HDD undelete recovery software if it was fairly recently. 

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