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Piece size for very large torrents


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I'm planning to upload a very large torrent, around 40 Gb. Now when I set it to auto-detect my guess is 4 Mb pieces will be created. However it's a multi-file torrent and it has to be possible to (efficiently) snatch single files from the torrent (there will be around 50 files in it).

I found a little info on this on http://wiki.theory.org/BitTorrentSpecification

However, now that hosting storage and bandwidth are not tightly constrained, it is best to keep the piece size to 512KB or less, at least for torrents under 8-10GB or so, even if that results in a larger torrent file, in order to have a more efficient swarm for sharing files.

So my question is: in terms of efficiency would it be best to pick the the smallest possible piece size below 65535 (in this case 1 Mb pieces) or higher? Or is it better to create a torrent with less pieces?

Maybe someone here has experience with this and can offer some advice :)

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Maybe not so much information, just a personal comment. I feel that large torrents, with small files, like 100 GB of MP3s are often annoying to download. Why? Because the size of the pieces, like you said ends up at 4 MB, resulting in 1-2 pieces per torrent.

This doesn't have all that much of an effect, unless you are waiting for a certain file, that is stuck on a slow uploader. Even with high priority, it takes for ever to get down. Many pieces on a file, increase the speed of the download, according to what I feel. Not sure if this is true, just feels like that to me.

Of course there is the problem with putting too much strain on the tracker when it handles a lot of pieces, so I guess that a compromise is the best solution. In the end I leave it all up to you and the professionals =) Just saw a good chance to voice my opinion on the matter.

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