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public torrents screwing my Utorrent


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Something really interesting(annoying?) is happening.

In generally use private trackers, and dont have problems with it.

But everytime i put a torrent from a public tracker on my list, all the other torrents goes red, its like an epidemy

The trackers are ON, im SURE

The download never starts.

What is happening? Can anyone help me?


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yes, worked fine

the problem seems to happen when i download from sites like mininova or torrentspy, but ONLY on downloads with too many peers (seeders and leechers)

ex: im downloading an episode from a tv-show....it has 7741 seeders and 10212 leechers, all the downloads on my list went red, and the download doesnt start

but if download an album with 10 seeders, no problems will ocurr

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You really don't have the upload speed to sustain 8 active torrents at once, even at only 2 upload slots each.

That's 16 upload slots total, and 9 KB/sec split that many ways is only a fraction of a KB/sec each.

...you won't get much (if any!) return speed from people that way.

...On the other hand, if most of those torrents are always dead then really you could just use the queue.dont_count_slow_ul = true setting with fewer max active torrents.

Also, your net.max_halfopen is DEFINITELY set too high. You're allowing it to attempt to connect to 64 ips at once...but then only allow 16 ip connections per torrent, so that means you're probably repeatedly making connections you have no intention of keeping. That's gotta be hell on your modem and router!

Here is my suggested settings:

alternate upload rate while not downloading: 11 (must be checked to work)

upload limit: 9

upload slots: 2 (but check the allow more upload slots if <90% upload speed)

connections (per torrent): 40

connections (global): 100

max active torrents: 3 (with queue.dont_count_slow_ul = true )

max active downloads: 1

net.max_halfopen 8

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